Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Easter Pox.

This past weekend we spent time with my family for Easter. We made some monkey bread for breakfast, the kids enjoyed their Easter egg hunt, we had some great food for lunch, Ayla and G'ma made a cake, and Ayden got to practice his archery. I had hoped for a bit warmer weather, but it really was a nice day!

The dogs were more interested in the dead snake than looking for eggs.

The kids had fun collecting their loot.

We had to get some annual pictures with the tree in the deck.

Ayv modeling her chocolate...
...and eating her chocolate.
The cake that G'ma and Ayla made.
Ayla with her musical card...she LOVES musical cards. Her favorite one plays, "Who Let the Dogs Out".

Ayden was able to get out and practice his skills. I loved his facial expressions when the arrow was released.
This is my favorite image from the day.
And this is all that Ayden shot (besides the target).

The kids didn't have school on Monday as part of their Easter break. That's when Ayvarie complained of itching and bumps appearing on her arms...
...then her legs...
...and then her back.
Seriously I didn't know if it was chicken pox or hives as the bumps mainly covered her arms and legs and they didn't itch as much as I imagined they would. She didn't have many on her torso until yesterday. But, the doctor confirmed it's the pox (of the poultry variety). So, Benadryl, colloidal oatmeal, and calamine spray have become our friends. We're really hoping they clear up soon. As it looks now, Ayvarie will miss her pre-state trampoline & tumbling meet this weekend. That is not something she is very happy about...let alone the fact that she is all itchy.

If you haven't had them and you want them, feel free to stop by!

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