Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy New Year!

This last year contained quite a whirlwind of activity for our family. I kept very busy with photography and keeping up with the kids. Ayvarie started competing in gymnastics, played soccer in the spring, and tee ball in the summer. She's currently preparing for her first meet this year, which is in a few weeks. Ayden played baseball and started participating in 4-H shooting sports late in the fall. He's excited to start shooting with his compound bow that Santa gave him. Ayla...well, she just kept busy in general and turned three. She proves her age to us nearly every day!

Due to budget cuts at Iowa State, our office closed between Christmas and New Year's, so I took my required unpaid leave, along with the rest of my co-workers. I also put my photography business on hold during that time because I wanted to spend it with my family and I don't really get a break any other time of the year. It was the best time off I have had in quite a while!

Although the weather was less than desirable, it forced us to stay home more, which was beneficial to our new family member.

Meet Rudy, our double dapple miniature dachshund. He joined us on Christmas Eve, which made for "The Best Christmas Ever" according to the kids. They love him dearly.

He has definitely made himself at home.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the new year (minus the temperatures).