Monday, August 24, 2009

1st Day of School

It seems my kids enjoyed their first day at school. Unfortunately, they proceeded to have a couple of meltdowns...mainly the two-year-old...not long after they returned to the home base. Ayden is now in Middle School, which seems pretty crazy to me. I swear he grew five inches since this morning. With that, we are trying to devise a really cool plan for fall pictures with this being an important year for him. He's not usually keen on taking time out of his day to pay attention to my camera, but he's not declining!

Ayvarie had a wonderful end to her summer. In the middle of August, we attended the Jr. Olympics in Des Moines, where Ayv competed in tumbling, trampoline, and double-mini. She did great! A gold medal for double-mini and bronze medal for tumbling now adorn the top of her dresser. The best part of her involvement this year are the friendships she has made. Here she is with a few of her fellow X-Treme Team mates.

That same week, we stopped to visit some family at the hospital. The photographer side of me too advantage of the location, although it was definitely not planned. The furniture and lighting there was amazing! It proved to be a great setting, which allowed me with to capture some of my favorite pictures of Ayv that I have taken this year. I am anxious to receive her memory box, which I ordered this week with a couple of these pictures on the cover.

I managed to get a few updated shots of Levi, too...

It was a very busy and exciting summer for us. We are looking forward to fall and more fun times together (before the kids don't think Levi & I are cool anymore).