Monday, December 31, 2007

Another quick post...

Pic of a hat I knitted for a friend's baby:
Another pic of Ayvarie:

We're off to celebrate the coming of 2008 with our friends. I'll be back on in the new year!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

More from 2007

This time I'm pulling some pics from our outing at Living History Farms in September.
Here's my sis...

Here's a table setting...
tea-colored overlay & texturized:

A bit of vintage (Love this pic, but not sure I like it in vintage):
A few more from that day in August...
Arty B&W action:
Just made this one of Ayv and the next one of Ayla a bit more vibrant...

Pics from 2007

I can't believe I didn't post these pics of Ayv taken at the beginning of August. I can see one of these being blown up and hung in her room! Sidewalk chalk, warm days, sunny skies, and flip flops....oh I wish that season could last all year! The benefit of not posting them is that I am willing to take time to play with them now and revisit what we did this year. This particular day was spent with my extended family - some from out of state. While we spent time catching up, Ayvarie pulled out her chalk to keep herself entertained. I envision Ayla doing this with her next summer.

Tea-colored overlay & texturized:

Tea-colored overlay:

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Another couple of pics...

Here's one of my baby back in August. I just love her expression here.
These are of a friend of mine - taken at the IA State Fair (well, in our car ride home from the fair). I messed with some texture here, too...

With Texture:
Without Texture:
Unfortunate for the placement of the shadow on her face, but otherwise, I really like this picture. I suppose I could work to remove it...but I'm just playing and not taking time to perfect every image. EnJOY!


Wouldn't it be nice if vacations could last forever? I only have three days left after today until I return to my day job. I am enjoying my time off. I have spent more time with Ayla - laughing with her, watching her and snuggling with her. She has grown up so fast. Ayden and Ayvarie are getting more of my attention, too. Tonight Ayvarie helped me make Chicken Pietro for supper - my all-time favorite chicken recipe (from Biaggi's). Ayden has a friend over for the night, I'm slowly catching up on laundry and cleaning my kitchen, while Levi is playing video games between coats of paint in the back entry. Things are slowly coming together and I'm enjoying it - slowly!

I'm backing up my pictures to Flickr tonight and playing with images I haven't touched in 6 months. Here's one that I am playing with from the IA State Fair. It would be nice to have a couple of those hot days again compared to the mounds of snow outside right now.

I might have more to post later if time permits tonight. I need to go wash some bedding so the boys can sleep and I might just play with my kiddos some more...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I've attempted to pack up the goodies the family scored this Christmas and am taking a minute to wish you all a Merry Christmas as well! We have been blessed with a day spent with family and the joy that surrounds the holidays. Of course I took pictures this morning and even a video of the kids with the clues Santa left behind. However, I am taking a break from the computer (for the most part) this week, so they are still on the camera waiting to be downloaded. I couldn't go without wishing you all the best on one of the most important days of the year - the day that Jesus was born. Have a safe and healthy holiday season!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Week from (not heaven)...

We anticipated the arrival of a dandy ice storm during Levi's travels this past week. Levi left for Memphis Monday before the storm hit. We had ice on Tuesday, which accumulated terribly. We were fortunate that it warmed up enough that when the rain fell on Tues afternoon, we could remove a lot of it from vehicles, etc before it re-froze. School was cancelled both Tues & Wed. I think I was more anxious about the fact that I would have to take care of everyone by myself if we lost power (and thankfully we didn't). I didn't know where we'd go and I'm a wimp when it comes to heat. I did save myself one of these...just in case. I picked it up thinking it was a microwavable hot chocolate. Instead, it heats itself! I just might have to store some in the car for emergencies.
Approaching Christmas deadlines had me frazzled as well. I wanted client orders to be complete, personal shopping to be done, and I didn't know how I would be able to accomplish all of that since I have some important tasks to finish up at my "day job". I am so relieved that the weekend is not over and I am nearly caught up. Whew!

This picture was taken on Thursday - after the storm blew through, but before things started to melt away. *Note: I had enough brains to park my car under the wide open sky that day. Ice chunks were falling everywhere from the trees and buildings. Anyway, can you guess what this is? After reading my post, it should be obvious that it's ice, but I'm looking for what the ice accumulated on. It amazed me.

Here's a random shot I took of Ayvarie (on the 4th or 8th of this month) in front of her new mirror that Levi hung in her bedroom. She is all excited now that she can watch herself dance.

And this is a picture of my most recent model. She doesn't require much compensation, and it doesn't seem to me that she'll be needed in another part of the country anytime soon. So, I'll get to set up more sessions with her when I have time. I might have to get her to a hairstylist, though...the ends look like they need a bit of trimming.

I'm off to bed after a day of finishing up my Christmas shopping - and an overnight of wrapping and finishing up my Christmas card last night. I hope to have them out by the middle of next week. Nothing like last-minute!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Keeping busy...

Photography has been keeping a hold on my free time lately. I pulled out the camera for a short time today so I could capture some personal shots. Ayla is starting to warm up to the camera now. She stopped me with some cheesy grins today. She is quite the doll and very independent - likes to play by herself, laugh, carry things from room to room, color, and try on clothes. She is going to be one artistic and trendy woman someday. Here are some shots of her this afternoon.Here is Ayvarie - focused on the Wii. I took a pic of Ayden, but I am leaving it offline right now as his hair was a bit of a mess. These are a couple I captured at game night with the Thompsons. I really like how the one of Levi turned out.

Good night!