Thursday, May 31, 2007

Did I mention...?

Ayvarie can knit! The other night, she asked again if she could knit. I had a ball of pink and white varigated yarn left over from some washcloths and baby bibs, so I let her take that. Of course she was thrilled just by the color and having her own yarn. She is working on a bib for her dolls. Ayden learned to knit last year and has been working on a special project for his G'ma, but it has yet to be completed. I'm just thrilled that they have interest in my hobbies and have the patience to learn something new!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Summer's Here!

You know it's summer when baseball starts. Although Ayden has had practice for the past month, it doesn't seem like ball starts until the first game. That was tonight! Ayvarie ran around playing cheerleader with her friend, Lauren. Ayla spent a lot of time being passed around...who doesn't love a cuddly baby? (I managed to get a few good shots of her between innings.) Ayden was up to bat once during the game, in which he struck out. But, his swings looked good if only the bat would've met the ball. I'm guessing the temps were only in the 70s tonight. It felt wonderful outside and the kids had a good time!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Izzy Izzy Bo-Bizzy

My aunt sent me a cute pic of Ayla from this weekend. While she was nursing, Izzy (the dog) couldn't help but lick her toes. Ayla would pull her feet up at times, likely because it was tickling. It was adorable!
Today is the kids' last day of school! Tonight is the graduation ceremony for the 6th graders. It's always fun to watch the kids perform their songs and show a little of what they learned this year. I'm sure I'll have pictures from it to post later.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Annual Barn Dance

Ahhhh... I'm finally waking up. We spent yesterday travelling 2 1/2 hours North to attend the annual Barn Dance at the Adams' farm. It was nice, as usual. Ayv is always excited to go. This year, we let Ayd bring a friend so he would be a bit more entertained. There were other kids around, but it seems like Ayv picks up friends (cousins) more quickly. Things wrapped up around 11, so by the time we got home, it was 1:30 AM. Thankfully my loving hubby let me nap on the way home and the boys fought sleep...the girls succommed. It's a bit of a gloomy day here in IA, but the temps are wonderful - 70's! It'll be a relaxing day of catch-up around here.

I thought I'd better post pics of how big the kids are getting. All three are at fun ages!