Wednesday, May 13, 2009

End of another school year.

The kids are counting down the days until summer break.  But, I'm not sure if I'm ready for the year to end.  Ayden will become a middle-schooler and that will mean I'm old.  Well, not that old, but before I know it he'll be driving and that will definitely make me feel old.

Ayden's middle-school orientation was yesterday and field trips are on the calendar for Friday and next Tuesday.  I'm going with Ayvarie to the zoo on Friday.  We're just hoping the rain stays away.  I have my umbrellas ready...just in case.

Ayvarie's artwork was nearby tonight when I pulled out my camera.  I try to take pictures of the kids' art pieces since they don't always last as long as I'd like.  Here is a picture of her flower she painted in Art.  We played with the color a bit.  
..and I LOVE IT!

I will frame the original as I did with one of Ayden's pictures from Kindergarten.  My intent is to fill my house with original artwork...and if from my own family, it's even better!  

Thursday, May 07, 2009


Tonight, one of our friends called to let us know about a fox den outside of town.  I had him pick me up so we could capture some shots of the cute creatures that dared step out of their home. They were so cute!

I took Ayden & Ayla out to watch them after I got back.  Unfortunately, by that time they were back in the den for the night.  We'll head out again when the weather is nice to watch them grow.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy May Day!

Finally...I get to post!  It was a gorgeous first day of May.  Kindergarten roundup was being held, so I stayed home with the girls and we managed to pull together some baskets for the usual May Day festivities.  It's so fun leaving baskets for our neighbors, family & friends...even those that weren't home!  The kids spent a lot of time outdoors after Ayden was dismissed from school, so I followed them around with the camera a bit.  Ayla was reluctant to have any pictures taken, but Ayv posed for a few.  The one above is one of my favorites...mainly due to her natural highlights that I dream about.  I'm looking forward to trying to round all three kids up for some pictures sometime next weekend.  Not sure how that will go down...I have been unsuccessful so far.