Monday, December 29, 2008

Fabulous Christmas!

Our Christmas was great. Along with the grandparents and Aunt Ros, we spoiled the kids. My tree was comfortably full of gifts when my Dad brought a load over. Then, it looked as though the tree threw up paper and bows all over my living room. The kids had a great time tearing into them Christmas morning.

Ayden was the first to grab the clue that Santa left behind.

It's been fun watching the kids play together with their toys the past few days. Ayden & Ayv were setting up security in their bedrooms to prevent each other from robbing their piggy banks. Protected by Nerf gear, they succeeded keeping each other away. Santa brought Ayvarie an mp3 player, which makes our car rides pleasant. Ayden will probably object since Ayv tends to sing along with the songs. Fortunate for him, he has an mp3 player to shove in his ears, too. Ayla has been pacified with her dolls and kitty. Mr. Potato Head gets random attention, the poor guy. It's sad to think the excitement is all over now.

We'll bring in the new year with the girls as Ayden is in Morning Sun spending time with his friends. I'm looking forward to another long weekend.

As I rewind the year's stash of pics and work through them again, it's fun to see all that we accomplished and how big the kids have grown.

Ayla sleeping in the warm November sun.

If I don't get the chance to post again in 2008, I wish you the best for 2009!


Friday, December 05, 2008

Santa Baby

Last weekend, we visited Santa, and one of us acted like a baby. And, no, it was not me!
Ayla will now tell you that she "cried on Santa's lap". She keeps telling us that she wants to ask Santa for baby bottles this Christmas. I'm thankful she's not asking for an iPod, yet!

We were lucky enough to be entertained by these goofballs while there, too!

My sis with Ayla. She always throws these crazy looks with her eyes.I hope to post more this month. Currently, I am finishing up Christmas cards for clients and fulfilling orders. Then, I'll take some time to go through my personal pictures this year and hopefully post some more!