Thursday, October 16, 2008

A special moment for me!

The little one wanted to sit for me and get her picture taken this afternoon! I was NOT prepared for it, so we did an impromptu mini-shoot on one of the stray desk chairs in my "office". It would be wonderful if she gets this bug again...this weekend, maybe?

(I'm pretty sure Grandma & Grandpa will love these!)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Consecutive Birthdays

Here is the today's birthday girl in self-assembled piggy tails! Today added another full year to Ayvarie's age. She is now 6! With Ayla turning 2 yesterday and Ayvarie's birthday today, we had to have some sort of celebration, so the grandparents and Ayvarie's "Rossie" came over.

I've never claimed to be Betty Crocker or the like, so Papa Murphy's supplied supper for us. I intended on making a wonderful chocolate castle cake. However, I either didn't let it sit long enough to cool or it was simply too moist. It crumbled out of the cake pan into a heap on the plate. We improvised and had crumbled cake with melted fudge frosting topped with a dollop of ice cream for dessert. I gave up on the candles, but did sing a crazy rendition of "Happy Birthday" to Ayv. We'll have a more elaborate celebration this weekend with hopefully a few friends and family. Nothing like planning at the last minute!

And here is Ayla enjoying her new birthday present last night. She loves it!!!And a sweet kiss goodnight...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My baby is 2 today.

Isn't she just precious (or sassy)? On the way home from daycare, I sang "Happy Birthday" to her...the whole way! She kept saying, "again", after each serenade. For some reason, she preferred the version that contained a phrase about a monkey.

When the kids arrived home from school, Ayvarie asked her whose birthday it was. Ayla's response was, "Ayla's birthday" (in her cutest of cute toddler voice). When asked, "How old are you?", she replied, "two". Smart girl.

It just started raining here. Argh! I was looking forward to a dry night for our last round of football games. I can only hope it stops raining in the next half hour.

To Ayla: Happy Birthday to you, my little bean!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Soccer Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Grandpa, Grandma, Rossie...

Lately we've been supporters of soccer (some of us, anyway). Ayvarie really enjoys it! Since they didn't do sports pics this fall, I took a few of my own. Not sure which I like best.Ayv in action. Although her leg is cut off in the picture - I still love the action! On the sidelines and a big smile from Ayla (not directed at me and the camera, of course).I'm posting a few from today's session on the Imaging Rox blog. Be sure to check them out!!!