Friday, April 17, 2009

More tests...

This afternoon, Ayla & I ran to Des Moines to pick up a light stand and umbrella for my flash. I've had enough of the bracket, so I've been playing with my off-camera flash (aka: OCF) since I got my transmitter and receiver, but needed something to hold it since I intend to use it outdoors and there aren't a lot of bookshelves strategically placed in nature to set it on.

My kids were coerced into being my models (minus Ayvarie who is the neighborhood socialite these days) as soon as we got home. I had every intention of taking pics of Ayden on his birthday, which was Wednesday, but I left home without the necessary accessories. You know, lenses, memory cards....I only had the camera body with me. It's pretty useless without a lens and card. Tonight was a different story. I had everything ready, including the flash. So, Ayden & I went outside so I could play photographer and he could play golf. Meanwhile, Ayla dressed herself (since she completely undressed as soon as we got home - her usual homebound activity) and joined us, too!

Here are a few of the shots. I touched them with a few actions, but I probably didn't need to. I can't wait to get Ayden's 10-year-old pic shown here blown up and hung on the wall. He seems much older than 10, but I have not aged one bit in the last 10 years...just so you know.
Ayla kept running around the yard, so I'd shoot when she'd get near the flash.I feel pretty lucky to catch this one. She is beautiful!

I'd better get back to verifying my backups so I can erase some cards for the wedding I'm shooting tomorrow. I really hope the rain holds off until 3ish so we can at least get some outdoor shots of the couple and wedding party.

Sleep tight.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Test run.

I got outside for a bit this evening to shoot some pics with my new camera (Canon 5D). Portrait shots were put aside tonight for textures and images of the neighborhood. The sharpness of the images straight out of the camera makes me soooo happy! Plus, the images play well in Photoshop, too. I can't wait to use it for the wedding I'm shooting on Saturday. And fortunate for my children, my plan is to drag their little bums out of the house and around town here real soon to get some new shots of them.

Here are a few samples from my test run:

The colors of spring are so comforting. After our long winter, I am ready for some renewed sights and pictures such as this feed my soul.