Saturday, August 04, 2007

More play!

Levi made it home from Idaho safely very early Friday morning after a long day of layovers. Meanwhile, Ayden was creating more Bionicles and the girls kept busy with their toys. Last night we ran some errands and I picked up some stainglass paint. I have a bunch of old window panes I want to make into neat picture frames to hang above my bed. As long as we can get things done around here today, I can play with my paints tomorrow. I'm feeling a bit creative.

Messing with actions...

The best part of my week is that I lined up some photo shoots this fall. We're fortunate to have wonderful scenery in the fall with close proximity to nice parks, water features, and just plain midwest nature. I can't wait (except I can because that means school will be in session and I am NOT ready for that)!

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