Thursday, August 30, 2007

dance and more...

Here are more pics of Ayvarie before dance class. This year she's taking ballet, tap, tumbling, and jazz!

She is obviously done with the serious pics...
These were actually taken this morning. Levi was holding Ayla and I couldn't resist. Those toes are almost a year old. And what beautiful toes they are!

This is a local bridge (tunnel, according to Ayvarie, even though it can be walked across on top) we stumbled across before football tonight. I think we're going to sneak out there again this weekend for pics with the kids. And it might just be my pick for our fall family shots as well.
Ayden at play...oh, I mean practice. Ayla was ready to leave the comfort of her bumpy wagon. I'm actually considering blowing this picture up for the wall. You can't tell it here in this size, but I added some distress to the shot and edited it to look like canvas.

Have a good night!

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