Sunday, August 26, 2007

Running Wild

The kids and I participated in our first ever organized running event. I haven't made it far with the C25K, but this run/walk was a good test of my ability. I'm happy to know I can do it (walk most of it, that is). I'll find out my time sometime tomorrow when they post it {{here}}.

Ayden was involved in the 1-mile Fun Run and Ayvarie in the 1/2-mile Fun Run. Ayden's time was 09:38 and Ayv manged hers in 06:28. I know Ayden ran his entire mile and Ayvarie ran probably 3/4 or more of her half. I didn't see her walk much, and I doubt she had time to walk when she was out of our site. If you ask her, she won first place! There were two girls signed up in her age bracket, but the other didn't show. Ayden's group had 9 signed up, but only 4 were there to run. The boy who beat him was 12 years old and ran the mile in about 06:45. So, I think Ayden did VERY well. They didn't give places in those races as they were for "fun", but they did give times if you asked for them. Both kiddos obtained medals and we all walked away with bright orange t-shirts. We should easily be seen out and about in town now!

I will have to post pics later as blogger is having some issues with my uploads.

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