Monday, August 13, 2007

Another day at the fair.

Today was my day at the Iowa State Fair with the kids. Ayla stayed home since it was soooo hot and muggy out, which made for a less restricted day out. Here are some pics to show what we covered at the Fair (only a portion of the pics I took).

While at the Fair, I had the opportunity to catch up with a couple of gals I know...their pics are located here. Since I was able to do what I wanted to do at the Fair on Saturday, today's trip was for the kids. We visited the Varied Industries building to get our fill of tattoos and freebies. We continued to the Grandstands, where we were able to have some fun in the Hall of Flame. My hometown Volunteer Fire Department was manning the booth today, so that was neat. The kids played with a baby sugar glider (and now think they need one), experienced some science and learned a bit about safety. I took the kids for a ride on Ye Old Mill and checked out the new Animal Learning Center, which was new for all of us. I hadn't been on Ye Old Mill since they revamped it. Not that it made a huge difference in what I remember it, but to do it with my kids was fun. You can never make a trip to the Fair without visiting the animal barns - largest boar, largest bull, etc. We topped off the day with a run through the fountains - the kids did, anyway. I would've trampled a bunch of little ones if I attempted to join them. The best part was simply spending time with my kids!

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