Friday, June 29, 2007

Princess Ayv?

It was a gorgeous day out after what we have been enduring so far this June. The high was supposed to be 79. I'm sure it reached that, but it felt cool after having near 90 degree temps for so long. Ayvarie wanted her hair in pigtails, so we twisted them up while we were at it. She loved it, but as much as she changes her clothes during the day, she changes her hair style, too. They didn't last long after our mini photo shoot.

Tonight was Ayden's last baseball game of the season. They won 20-0. I think they've won all of their games since the tournament a couple of weeks ago. The team improved dramatically in only a couple of weeks' time. I do think I'll miss watching the little guys, even though I know I'll enjoy the flexibility in our schedule for the rest of summer. Ahhhh.....

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