Sunday, June 17, 2007

Berry good...

Berries! We tried to get some yard work done today...even with it being Father's Day. What a way to spend the afternoon. It was actually really nice for being almost 90 degrees. The humidity didn't feel too bad. While the kids played in the pool one last time tonight, I managed to pick a few berries from my wildly growing "weed". The prickly vine has started taking over my hasta bed, but I can't bear to tear it out until it has stopped producing yummy fruit! I might actually try to put in some sort of trellis next year and get some "weeds" growing elsewhere in the yard. I have the jars and tools to do some canning. Jelly or jam might be fun!

I happened to notice on Her Space : My Space, that the word to capture for the day just happened to be berries! I have attempted some other nice photos based on their word of the day, but I haven't gotten them posted yet. I would really like to try to keep up and post as often as those two gals do. Maybe it could be my mid-year resolution. Ha!

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