Friday, June 22, 2007

My Honor Student

A few weeks ago we recieved a letter inviting Ayden to participate in the Honors program at school. I was pleasantly surprised. He had to get a 95% or above in at least 2 areas on the ITBS. There was also some other factor having to deal with school-based tests and recommendation from the teacher, I believe. Either way, we are thrilled! Meanwhile, Ayden has a strong interest in science/math and working with his Lego NXT. So, we signed him up for the Iowa State Engineering Kids Camp this summer. It was yesterday and today at the ISU campus. What a way to market your university at such a young age, huh? Since I have strong ties to ISU, I don't care. They worked with some Lego robotics, a tornado simulator, studied some paper airplanes, and even had a GPS scavenger hunt on campus. He really enjoyed it and wants to attend again next year. I just hope they have a few different activities to keep it interesting for the kids. It's such a cool way to keep the kids interested in learning!

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Unknown said...

We're thrilled he enjoyed camp and we'll definitely look forward to seeing him next year with all sorts of new and fun activities!

Congrats on his achievements at school!

ISEK Camp Staff