Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

I created a layout today for my 8X8 book (it's more of a journal) I'm working on for 2007. Anyway, I wanted to honor my Dad, so I worked on a page that had him in it. The most recent pic of him is from Memorial Day weekend. Of course, Ayla's in it, too. I didn't use much in the way of embellishments except some experimentation with the transparency feature in Microsoft Digital Image Suite. I've been editing my pics in Photoshop, but I am still a lot faster working my layouts in MDIS vs. PSCS2. That's one of my personal become efficient at it all using PSCS2. I'm having so much fun with photography these days that it's pretty much a necessity!

Here's the card I made for Dad as well. It contains some designs from Weeds & Wildflowers (specifically the newsprint, red paper and doodles) and Calico Designs (the buttons, DAD alpha and ribbons). It was fun to make. I really should try to make a few cards every week so I can build up a stash. To physically scrap them takes so much longer and I enjoy making cards and giving someone something handmade. Even the kids made handmade Father's Day cards for Levi this year. Fun!

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