Sunday, June 03, 2007

Family Fun!


With Levi being gone so much for work, the kids want to do fun things when he is home. He got home after 2AM yesterday and when he woke up around 9:30, we all got ready to head up to Maquoketa. Our friends camped there overnight and were planning to walk some trails and visit the caves. We missed the tornados on Friday and the rain stayed away on Saturday until evening, so we had a lucky couple of days. The caves area is beautiful! There are a lot of caves to crawl through. We avoided those since we didn't wear the best attire for that. Instead, we entered those we could while standing and hiked around the trails. The kids had such a good time, so we're hoping to return sometime this summer (and I'm sure the boys will be dressed for crawling).


A perfect ending to a great day!

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