Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 16/365

I didn't get the chance to post yesterday's pic on time. So, here it is! The way the light reflected back into Ayla's eyes was really neat. We were sitting in my office (as we do most days) with the light coming in the window so warm and bright. I picked up the camera and caught this. If you look closely at her eye, you can see me capturing the shot.
Chynna update: If you haven't followed my communication on Facebook, you may not know that Chynna is home. I was able to bring her home yesterday since her blood chemistry returned to normal and she could function again. Since I didn't go through all of the trouble to have the vet test for other diseases, we still don't know why her calcium and platelets were up. We're hoping it was simply dehydration. With her age, we just decided to see if we could get her blood chemistry corrected and then watch her. If she goes downhill again, there is likely an underlying problem. She's being restrained to the upstairs by herself for the time being so I can monitor her intake. So far, she's doing just fine.

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