Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 14/365

This is a last-minute pic of the day. I've been toying with trying to capture this fabric in the right light. Tonight, I used my lamp for my lighting. I like how it turned out. My hopes were to take some snow pics so we can remember this winter (although, I don't see how we will forget).

Instead of exposing myself to the cold and snow for pics, I got to trek through it to take Chynna to the vet. Ayden called me while I was on my way home today to tell me that the girl couldn't stand up. She was so weak. I had plans to call the vet this afternoon anyway because the last couple of days, she started to lose balance when walking. She still wanted attention, but that might have been an early sign of something being wrong. Especially since the kids don't normally get the chance to pick her up and she let them! Either way, her calcium and platelets are high. So, our first step is to try to get her strength back and her balance in check. The vet has her tonight to give her an IV. We're hoping that by hydrating her, it will balance out the calcium and she'll be on her way to better. On the other hand, with her platelets being high, there is a chance for possible blood clots moving through her system, which could cause strokes. I sure hope that doesn't happen, but I can't sit by and choose to do nothing for her. I want her better! I am not ready to think that her problems could be something worse, so I'm not...

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