Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 15/365 - Sound Melancholy

My sis recently introduced me to Chocolaterie Stam. It's a beautiful chocolate shop on Main Street in Ames. Oh, how I love Main Street shopping! I ended up bringing home a pint of gelato today. The kids LOVE it. Of course they would, being I consider it a posh indulgence. It surely made my day (and theirs) seem a bit better.This morning, I received news from the vet that Chynna is mobile again, although definitely not back to her 100% self. We're hoping another day of IV fluids will help reduce her calcium and platelets even more since they were down a bit today. She was eating (when they replaced the canned food with dry - yes, she is finicky), drinking, and using the litter box. I really want her back home again...hopefully tomorrow.

It's been a mix of feelings today with my indulgence of a small serving of gelato, my communication with the vet, and my thoughts to an event nine years ago that changed my life forever.

Miss you, Jenn.

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