Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day ??? (This is just a general update.)

I know it's been a while since I've posted. We had quite a bit happen in our lives over the past few weeks and blogging is the last thing I had time for. Chynna (my oldest cat) fell ill and we decided to let her pass on, which was very hard for me (and Ayden). Then, we received the news of flooding in our house. We received a lot of not-so-good news over the last few weeks as well. We are so glad it is all in the past. We're healthy and happy now...that's all that matters.

Levi is fortunate enough to have me travel with him this week for work. :) A big THANKS goes to Ros for taking over the parental and household duties while we are enjoying the coast. It's great having family nearby and having Ros willing to relocate to our house and keep the kids in line. Unfortunately, it's been rainy and cool here while Iowa has been warm! What that means is that they are sharing the same 50-60 degree temps there that we're experiencing out here in Long Beach, California. Crazy winter!

Here are some images I captured today.

I liked the name of this place..."House of Hayden". Drop the "H" and it reminds me of some little guy I know. It's located in close proximity to our hotel, but it was closed when we were walking by.I'm not sure what to say about this image, but it's colorful! Between the boats in the bay here, you will see a lighthouse peeking out of the grassy mound. It really was a beautiful sight today after the rain subsided.Here is our French waiter at Creme de la Crepe presenting my crepe with Grand Marnier. This is actually the second time he did this for us, so I could entertain myself with a picture. We loved this location. It was quaint, close to the hotel, and unfortunate for him, not too busy when we showed up. On a good note, it made for a great location to chat and the food was tres bien! Now, don't think I have forgotten about my daily photo....I don't remember commiting to posting every day, or did I? You can consider these coverage for today. Maybe one of these days I will have time to get caught up on my personal images again and post the rest from January.

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