Sunday, July 27, 2008

Zearing Days

Ayvarie decided she wanted to participate in Little Miss Zearing this year. The best part about the process is that the girls go to the front and a little bio is read while they put their name in a hat. The winner is drawn! No real competition, which I think is great. The girls are too young to need to worry about competition. Doesn't that happen in junior high?

Anyway, Ayvarie's name was drawn. I didn't expect her name to be chosen (20% chance), but it really made her weekend. She was able to ride the kiddie rides for free (made my weekend, although Ayden was bummed). She also got to ride in the parade with Little Mr. Zearing. Ayden had no interest in participating in the parade (with Levi's group) this year...but Ayv had to rub in that she got to ride in a Mustang, which is Ayden's dream car. That's hereditary, I'm sure...I would still love to have a Mustang.

Meanwhile, my cousin's son and our friend's daughter helped Levi throw footballs at the parade while Ayden was pelted in the head with suckers. Maybe next year he'll opt to throw things instead of trying to catch them.

Little Mr. and Miss Zearing:

Tow Mater (LOVED THIS TRUCK):The closest I got to getting a picture of the kids with the truck. I didn't hunt it down after the parade like I should have. Bummer!Levi and the crew for Minerva Valley Companies:We're glad the weather was pleasant and happy to have the company we did for the weekend.

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cm said...

Yay for Ayv!!! Give her our congrats, we are so happy for her! Looks like you all had fun!