Sunday, July 06, 2008

Day of Relaxation...

We're relaxing today! We had a busy weekend with all of the Fourth of July celebrations. We caught glimpses of the fireworks in Huxley on Thursday night. Then, my cousins joined us on the 4th for festivities in Ames and grilling out at our place. Yesterday, we took the kids over to Lake Panorama to play at the beach and watch their fireworks display across the lake from my Aunt's house. They always have a great show!

Ayla did not want to be in the water. Our minimal attempts led to screaming and near-tears. So, I let Ayla dance all over the beach towel (squinty-eyed and scrunched-nosed) while we watched her big bro & sis splash around in the water with Levi, my Aunt, and her two friends.
I couldn't resist taking a pic of this cute little baby butt (and she still is my baby, even though she's approaching 2).
This is how Levi gets his workouts... I love how the fireworks reflected on the water. The high-flying ones just didn't light up the beach like these did. Beautiful!

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cm said...

OK, the expression on Ayla's face is priceless - I wouldn't want to run into her on the beach! I love her cheeky picture too. My fav fireworks pic s the one with your logo appearing in the middle - I didn't know they could put words in those rockets ; )