Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer fun.

It's all about swimming and biking this summer! Unfortunately, the kids don't have their big pool to live in this year since Levi's determined to save the grass. That didn't mean we gave up on swimming altogether. The kids took swim lessons for two weeks and LOVED it. The last day, I was able to watch them since my work schedule just happened to allow for it. We have plans to go to the pool again sometime this week.

It wasn't long ago that Ayden was reluctant to go down the slides alone. Of course that has changed.

Ayvarie loved the slides.She kept going back for more...Here's a random flower from the gardens surrounding the pool. They were vibrant!
Here is "Sweet Thunder". If you can believe it, Ayden requested to have this bike (hand-me-down from Ros) thinking he could paint it. I don't think the modified vinyl banana seat would be easy to paint. Pink is the color it will remain. Do they even make seats like this anymore?

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