Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ayden's last day at M.S. Elementary

Mrs. W and the rest of the third grade class threw a little going away party for Ayden yesterday. He recieved many handmade cards, balloons, a book, and Cuddles, one of the class teddy bears. It was a rough day for me. His teacher is wonderful and we will both miss her.
Thursday was my last day working for the County. It was bittersweet. To be closer to my family will be wonderful, but I will miss the friends I made and the job I held. It was so rewarding! I was presented with various cards. My office gave me a mini decorated teapot (to add to my collection of teapots) and this cake. I couldn't hold back the tears...
Tomorrow we're heading out and on to new adventures. I start at ISU on Monday and the kids are planning to make new friends at their new school. It will be nice having the whole family together again.

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