Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A new week.

It has been a nice week. I am enjoying working 4 hours a day (well, really 3 hours, 50 minutes). Today I got to do more hands-on of what I will ultimately be doing daily. The kids have started at their new school and really like it. Ayden has made some instant friends from the sound of it, which I predicted he would. Ayvarie loves preschool and Ayla is starting to warm up to those in the daycare. We've been able to run some errands in the afternoons and today the girls and I went for a walk to my sister's house. They thought it was fun and it's just great to be so close again! Depending on the weather tomorrow, we might try the park for a bit when we get home. Here is a pic of Ayv helping Aaron while he assembles his new shed.

Here are the first flowers in my parents' yard this Spring.I don't know how many of you have tried this, but I had fun with it. Didn't realize I could type so fast. I remember years ago thinking that 40 wpm was amazing! Here's what my score was...

Speed test


cm said...

Woo! I love the spring green! or should I call it kelly green? ha!

Rox said...

It would be "Kelley" green. LOL.