Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's LOST!

Really...it is! Ayvarie called me at work a week ago to tell me that she had a loose tooth. According to those at daycare, she reacted much like she would have if she met a dog she didn't know. That meant she did not react well - cried almost inconsolably for a while. However, when I picked her up that afternoon, she acted as though it was cool.

Today Ayvarie called me at work again, but this time to tell me she lost her tooth. It really is lost! It was missing when she arrived to daycare and I didn't pay enough attention to her this morning (I know, bad Mom) to notice it was gone. We have scoured the bed and can't locate it, so we're assuming it might be moving through her digestive tract. Needless to say, she is sure that the Tooth Fairy KNOWS when a kid loses a tooth, so she should find money in the morning. I'm sure she's right...

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