Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Friends and family...

We spent our time during the past week meeting up with friends and family. Felt like reunions all around! Dad received some down time in the hospital getting his knee replaced, so we visited him, too. Don't worry...I took pics of his "zipper" on his leg (according to Ayvarie). Anyway, here are some pics I took on Sat & Sun.

Sweet Ayla.

Joel & Ayla having fun

...and holding hands.

Simply B.

I have bunches of pics on my hard drive that need some attention and passing along. It was great meeting up with Jim, Drea & Joel on 7.7.07. I'm hoping to get more of the pics I took of them up here within the next few days. We'll see if I can get anything accomplished. Monday was a Monday and Tuesday is an extension of my Monday. I'm just not making a whole lot of progress at home or work yet this week. Tis life, right?

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