Monday, July 23, 2007

Freecycle is amazing!

We landed a new (well, one year old) pool from Freecycle this weekend. The kids are thrilled since they found our smaller pool "boring". I'm really excited about the new one, too, since the whole family can actually swim comfortably in it. I'm doing a sort-of freecycle with our old it to a friend with kids younger than mine. I know they'll love it!

Also, Ayla is a bit over 9 months old now. She started the full crawl tonight and has been persistent with pulling herself up to standing. Walking while holding our hands is pretty new to her, too...but she's getting it! My baby's learning a great deal about mobility these days. Here are a few samples of pics I took on Saturday. This dress was Ayvarie's and we had her 6-month pics taken in it, so it's still getting some use. Since I have not taken Ayla to a studio regularly like I did with the first two kiddos, I'm achieving the visual documentation on my own...and it's a lot of fun! Some of the following are similar, but it's hard to decide which I like best.

I couldn't resist posting this pic of my vintage bike.

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