Thursday, November 20, 2008

Isn't Florida supposed to be warmer than IA?

It must have been all in my mind, but the 60's in Florida felt nearly the same as walking off of the plane last night to the 30's of Iowa. Windy days and nights made the 60's feel much cooler. Unfortunately, I only packed one sweater and my poor co-workers were subjected to it all week. It will be stored in the closet indefinitely at this point!

Here is an evening reflection at the Coronado Springs Resort. You can see the point of the Dolphin resort in the background, which is where the PRIM&R Conference that I attended was held.Steam rolled off the pond in the mornings since the water was warm and the air was so cool.

Most nights were spent at Downtown Disney. I had a great time acquiring some Christmas gifts for the kids while there. A few of us managed to get to a Disney park on Monday night. What is the point of staying at a Disney resort if you don't take advantage of the awesome transportation to and from the attractions? Magic Kingdom happened to be open for extra "magical hours" to those staying at the resorts on Monday. So, it seemed worthwhile to actually invest the money and go.

Cinderella's castle was beautiful! I loved the fireworks!I can't decide which color(s) with sparkles I like best. Which one would you choose?...with Mickey and Minnie.I am just happy that the colors were so vibrant SOOC that I didn't need to edit!

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Rosalyn said...

Gorgeous! Wish I could've gone! :)