Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Can Santa vote?

That was the question Ayvarie asked me on our way home from gymnastics and dance tonight. We proceeded to discuss our rights and the voting laws. At only six years old, I'm glad that she's interested! Another inquiry she made was, "Is Obama the one that is going to raise taxis?" Well I don't know of anyone raising taxis except Superman, but who knows. It seems anything can happen. Although I'm ready for this election to be over, I look forward to my kids' continued attention to our government and hope that they keep asking questions and seeking answers.

I just had to document Ayv's comments from today just as I did when Ayden was less than 3 years old. We drove by Applebee's and I mentioned to Levi that it looked like we couldn't get in (meaning it was very busy). Ayden replied, "They don't have any doors?" Kids' comments are wonderful!

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