Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother's Day

We worked hard at the house yesterday so we could make it back to celebrate my Mom's birthday and Mother's Day. All three kids made something for me at school, which is always fun. We went out for brunch this morning, came home to nap and then went to Costco and Target. While outside, I requested a pic and Ayla gladly plopped down under the tree. The other two settled in just in time to snap a few before Ayla lost interest. She jumped up and in her 19-month old manner, demanded I show her the back of the camera. It's funny to me how it's normal for the kids to have instant gratification from digital - not something I remember growing up unless we pulled out the Polaroid. Since she was satisfied when I showed her the images, she was done. Here is what I captured...

Tomorrow I'm hoping for some great photo ops. Ayden's class is going to Living History Farms for a field trip and I get to chaperone. Last year we went with the family when a Canon rep was there, so I checked out great lenses. I don't have that option tomorrow, and my zoom lens is being I'll have to stick to my 50mm 1.8. It's my go-to lens, anyway.

Happy Mother's Day!

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