Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Busy week!

With doctor's appointments, early school dismissals, and getting closer to moving time, things are feeling a bit busy around here. This afternoon was relaxing, though. Ayden & Ayv spent some time over with Aaron while Ayla had some alone time with me. We sorted bears, played outside, colored, made a (belated) birthday cake for Levi, and cuddled a bit. I wish more afternoons could be like this!

Ayla let me take pictures of her this afternoon, too!!! Here's a storyboard I am planning to print for myself. I haven't gotten around to printing a 1-year portrait, but I think this one for 19-months (which is today) is great. I just love her crazy expressions.
This is my favorite from the board, I think...

I think the storyboard will hang in her new bedroom. It'd be neat to have one above each girl's bed. Or maybe I'll hang it in the living room because I think it's too cute.

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