Thursday, February 07, 2008

I've edited some personal shots...

I have been working on editing wedding photos the past couple of days in addition to tending to a sick boy. Ay isn't acting sick at all, but it has been verified that he has strep throat. The first time he's had it from what I remember. It's bad enough that they want him on antibiotics for 48 hours before returning to school. He thinks he's in heaven and having a break from ITBS this week. Meanwhile, the kids and I have had fun hanging out while Levi locks himself in the bedroom for work.

Last weekend I caught Levi & Ayla napping on the couch. Ayla has been snuggling with the blanket I knitted for her - makes me proud. Yesterday, Ayla had so much fun wrapping herself up in Ayv's sleeping bag on the floor. Oh, I remember those days... My sister and I would zip two together and play in them.
I messed with some reflection in the microwave in this picture. And as you can tell, some texture, too!

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