Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I remember when

my sister and I would wake up on Saturday morning and wait anxiously to watch the Smurfs....or watch recaps of Friday Night Videos that we taped on the VCR (and I am sure I still have some FNV on tapes somewhere in this house of mine). So, last week when Ayden was stuck home with strep, I got to see the kids get up with some energy in the morning (you read that right - strep didn't keep Ayden down). But it wasn't to watch cartoons, it was to play video games. The Wii kept them busy! Here they are with bed-head and all!
Ayden is still taking the pink stuff...And Skeeter has gone crazy. He was digging in this basket after Ayla upheaved everything in it to the floor. Too cute!

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