Sunday, December 09, 2007

Keeping busy...

Photography has been keeping a hold on my free time lately. I pulled out the camera for a short time today so I could capture some personal shots. Ayla is starting to warm up to the camera now. She stopped me with some cheesy grins today. She is quite the doll and very independent - likes to play by herself, laugh, carry things from room to room, color, and try on clothes. She is going to be one artistic and trendy woman someday. Here are some shots of her this afternoon.Here is Ayvarie - focused on the Wii. I took a pic of Ayden, but I am leaving it offline right now as his hair was a bit of a mess. These are a couple I captured at game night with the Thompsons. I really like how the one of Levi turned out.

Good night!

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