Monday, October 15, 2007

My girls are another year older.

We didn't get to the zoo as we had hoped on Sunday. It rained all day in central IA. Blech! So, we opted to take the girls to Hickory Park for lunch so they could get birthday sundaes and a song sang to them. Ayv is pretty proud to be five now. Ayla could likely care less that she's one. She is enjoying her mobility, though! Here are some pics I snapped on Sunday.

(Ayv's new Baby Born doll that swims in water.)

(Ayla chewing on the starfish that came with the Baby Born.)

(Ayla's new hair bow.)

(A bit uncertain that she should stay awake to open gifts.)

(I just love those squishy cheeks!)

(Ayv unwrapping her gift from Ayden - I added a texture to the background.)

(Ayv with her Ariel and Prince Eric figures.)

(A girl who turns five can't have a birthday without some jewelry!)

Below is a picture of a bird that was stalking me outside my back door the other day. I was a bit startled when I walked up the sidewalk and turned to see it there. It didn't move for the longest time, but just watched me. I haven't taken the time to figure out what kind it is. If you know, leave me a comment!

Here are some pics I could consider Ayv's 5-year poses. She is a natural!

(more background texture above)

I'm sure most will like the color shot of the image above better, but I really like the vintage look a lot!

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