Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cool Bday Gift - pics to prove it!

My friend, Christy, bought tickets for us to go to Switchfoot for my birthday, and the concert was last night in Cedar Falls. I was impressed! It wasn't a large crowd, but was full of people that seemed to be polite (even though we had to stand up many times to let people through our row), nondestructive, dry (as in there was not liquor to stir up some destructiveness), etc.... We parked it in the stands while most of the crowd was on the ground. I liked being at eye level to the stage. We could see everything that was going on.
Anyway, Ruth opened, and I am now a fan. I had never heard of them, but they performed very well. The drummer in particular, had interesting facials (which you will see in one of the pictures below). Relient K also performed...another one I had not heard before, but I guess is big in the Christian Rock Band genre. Another one that I will listen to again and again. Then, Switchfoot came out, and I knew going in what they sounded like - love them! The lead singer walked through the audience, and ended up a handful of seats down from us and stopped for part of a song. After the concert, Christy & I stuck around long enough to get a picture with Ruth along with their autographs as well as Switchfoot's. Thanks for a great evening, Christy!!!!

The next picture is the one where the lead singer was in our row. Of course, I wasn't expecting it and didn't have my camera this is the less than mediocre shot I managed to get.
The next picture shows Christy standing at the autograph table letting the second guy from the left know what an awesome job he did...playing the tambourine, other instruments, singing, making pancakes... Her statement went something like that. It looks like he was entertained by that comment. Just wish I controlled my shutter to prevent Christy from being such a blur.

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