Sunday, August 07, 2005

Constant Circles

It feels as though my socks will never end. The strange thing is that I only started them on Thursday night, got to the heels yesterday, knit a heel, tore it out, knit another heel, tore it out, and knit a third heel, which I settled with. The knitting continues past the heel now, but there is quite a bit of insole to work on. I bet I'll have it done in a couple of days. These are being done using worsted weight yarn and size 5 Addi Turbos. So far, I have only knitted with sock yarn on size 0 Addi Turbos, so it is definitely going faster, but just isn't the same.

Six Feet Under is on in 1/2 an hour. I feel sad thinking I will only have two more Sundays to watch it after tonight. It's the same sad/sickening feeling I got when Sex and the City came to an end. HBO just has a way with producing a great series and cutting it short (in my opinion).

I hope to have remodeling pictures up next weekend. It's a busy time at our house. And to think that school starts in two weeks...yikes!

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