Thursday, August 04, 2005


I am in knitting mode! I have the next week off of work, so the kids and I will be doing whatever we want (with the exception of our scheduled dentist appointments). I have to finish my stocking to the toe by Saturday, so I will work on it at Knit & Wine tonight. I have a sweater, felted clogs, and felted mittens to finish in the next month. Most are past the halfway point. Then, I need to cast on for my sock class. I need to test the pattern I came up with. I'll pick up the essentials tonight so I can get that underway next week (after my stocking is done).

I had a crazy day yesterday at work, so I am relieved to be at home today. Had breakfast with a friend and some lunchtime conversation with my husband who came home for his lunch hour. I have a few hours before I leave for Knit & Wine, so I'll try to get caught up on some housework. I'm trying to FLY, so I have a 27-Fling Boogie calling my name. Hope Goodwill is open tonight for some books, and other household items I feel like giving away.

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