Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Ayden has been a booger when it comes to taking pictures and it's rare that I get a session with him. Knowing that today might be the last nice day this year (although I really hope not), I took him outside for some shots. There was another reason I wanted to get his pictures taken sooner than later...the middle school will be going through some extensive changes and I really like the existing exterior. Before they tear it up, I thought I'd preserve it in pictures. Here are a small portion from the session.

I love the old chairs!

Obviously I still like the old chairs...
Levi was tormenting Ayden a bit while I was shooting. These represent the love Ayden has for his father.

He's royalty!
...trying not to laugh.
Definitely a goofball...just like his father. Ayla will attest to that!

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