Friday, July 31, 2009

ISEK Camp 2009

Ayden looks forward to attending ISEK Camp during the summer and he designated this year's camp as his favorite of the three years he has attended. A camp-mate from last year joined him again and a camp counselor (although I'm not sure they're considered a "counselor") recognized him from previous years as well. It delighted Ay to see some familiar faces and participate in some new activities. What a great marketing job ISU Engineering is doing by offering these opportunities. Little do they know that my boy has taught me some things about ISU in the past two days that I didn't know...and I attended and now work there. Way to go ISEK for passing along some cool information!

What would this post be without photographic proof of Ayden's participation?

In honor of Ayden, they set up a grouping of "A" frames (aka: easels)...well, maybe they were there for another reason. I like to believe they're for Ayden.

Here's my boy with his solar car. He told me all about it...and he'll tell you, too, if you ask him.

I'll just throw a few in of Ayv while I'm at it. These were taken a few days ago when she dressed herself in a trendy little grouping. Maybe she'll attend ISU in Apparel, Educational Studies, and Hospitality Management someday.

My kids are growing up too fast!

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