Thursday, June 12, 2008


This post is for cm (so glad your name isn't Brittany or something like that...I wouldn't be able to type your initials - ever - without LOL!).

Here's my new style. The pics aren't too bad for taking them myself within arm's reach. It's shorter in back and longer on the sides...something a bit different from my long-layered look. What do you think?

What would a post be without some pics of the kids. The DS is popular this summer. is Ayla's imitation of a lion. Although she doesn't look fierce here, I assure you, she was all wrapped up while growling and chasing her big bro & sis.


cm said...

really cute!! I love it!! Lookin sassy . . .

Rosalyn said...

Cute hair...and cute kids of course, too!