Thursday, November 08, 2007

My oldest and youngest.(and middle child, too)

Just playing around with more pics before bed. I realize it's what I would have considered tomorrow already. Here's one of Ayden that I just love. Plus, a few of Ayla from a mini 1-year session we did on the swing Nov 1st. We have pictures somewhere of Levi sitting on the same swing when he was young. Who knows how long the swing has been supporting the Bappes.

Here are a couple of Ayv while she was playing with her vampire teeth, although a bit too big for her mouth. I thought these were pretty dramatic (same picture, different edits).

You'd think I'd be in bed by now after working the election last night. It wasn't too much extra time at the office, but it pushed my nighttime routine out a bit. Then, tonight we finally visited the grocery store for possibly a full week's worth of groceries. Hope you like the pics!

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