Saturday, September 08, 2007

Holey Moley!

What a difference there is between using a UV filter...and not! I snapped this pic in the truck on our way home from the Photo Shop this afternoon. I had been holding out on buying filters for my new lenses...and so glad I am not waiting any longer. The sky really is blue (and the strawberry is oh, so red)!

We also had a pit-stop to pick up this lovely addition to our family. Ayv kept asking if it was a real horse that we were going to pick up. We assured her it was real - she didn't ask if it was alive. She kept thinking about how we were going to bring it home since she knew it would be too big to put in the back of the truck (all the while, Ayden telling her it was not real). Now she doesn't know if she should "trust" us. What 4 (very close to 5) year old understands the full realm of trust? I guess ours does.

I sure hope to snap some pics of the kiddos on this baby tomorrow.

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